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Located in California's abundant Central Valley, Green Leaf Ag provides innovative product solutions for             irrigation system maintenance. With over 50 years of collective experience, we provide growers                        with proven results.

Accutab: Easy, Efficient, Complete

agricultureThe Accu-Tab system is one of the most simple and efficient chlorination systems today. It's simple to install, operate and maintain. The Accu-Tab system is a consistent tablet chlorination injection system that has been field tested with a variety of tough water conditions. The Accu-Tab system has been extensively field tested but the biggest proof has been with consumers, the growers who are pleased with the results. Green Leaf Ag chose the Accu-Tab system because of the most basic and important of factors: It's safe, simple, accurate and requires minimum maintenance. Erik Balling, owner of Green Leaf Ag, says that he doesn't spend a lot of time going out to repair a grower's equipment due in large part to the simplicity of the Accu-Tab system. "In the last several years there has been several new products claiming to provide better results than chlorine. The growers we work with prefer chlorine because it gives them verifiable results. If you are going to pay for a preventative maintenance product use a product that its effectiveness can be verified. This is especially important with buried drip tape. Often the indication that the crop is not receiving the proper amount of water is bare spots in the field or stressed plants that their growth is behind schedule. The season is only so long, if a plants growth rate gets behind because of poor water delivery a grower can’t make that time up, and that will cost them in lower yield per acre. Bleach is heavy, messy and growers who have used it always complain about how many pairs of Levi’s they have ruined. The regulations in some Counties make gas systems difficult to set up or growers may have safety concers. The Accu-Tab system is simple and safe and I feel good about recommending it." The Accu-Tab system is at the forFefront of erosion chlorinators technology and Accu-tab SI three-inch stabilized calcium hypochlorite tablets when used in the patented PPG chlorinators has been granted NSF and Organic certification. Precisely engineered yet affordable, the robust Accu-Tab system is the recognized leader in tablet chlorination.  Here's just a few of the reasons Green Leaf Ag uses the Accu-Tab system: Safer—One person simply places Accu-Tab SItablets into the chlorinator.  There are no gas leaks or bleach spills and no special containment measures or elaborate safety equipment.  In addition, Accu-Tab tablets are manufactured to high standards of chemical purity and physical integrity. Simpler  Unlike bleach, Accu-Tab SI tablets are easy to store and handle.  They are shipped in 55-pound containers.  More accurate—The Accu-Tab system is as accurate as gas chlorine, more consistent than bleach, and easier to maintain than both. The System—Chlorinator and tablets—delivers the precise level of chlorine you need.

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