GreenLeaf Ag


Owner’s Philosophy

As the founder and Owner of Green Leaf Ag my goal has been to establish generational relationships.  I have had the good fortune to work with Fathers & Mothers, Sons & Daughters and now Grandsons and Granddaughters.

If you give us the opportunity to work with you, know that our Company plans to be with you for the long term. We are Water Treatment Advisors, not sales people. I tell each of our people from the first day they start that we are not in the business of making a one time sale. A one time sale means the product we provided did not bring value to the Grower we worked with. If we are not bringing value to you we should not be selling anything to you.

My promise to you is I will never allow Green Leaf Ag to sell you a product that benefits our bottom line and not yours. There is no future for us with that model. When we bring value to your operation our company has a future.

Erik Balling
Owner Green Leaf Ag