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Reservoir Treatment

A common thing we hear is “I have well water, I won’t have algae problems”. That statement is often true when well water is pumped directly into a filter station.  If well water is pumped from a well into a reservoir, the well water is now surface water. Once water is pumped from a well into a reservoir and becomes surface water it can have mineral and algae/organic problems. Is your reservoir lined with a black liner?  A black liner will increase the temperature of the water in the reservoir.  Funk that grows in water and causes problems in irrigation systems grows better and faster in warm water.  We call reservoirs petri dishes.   Think about the design of the reservoir. Where does your backwash water go. All the funk your filters take out of the water goes back into the reservoir. Funk will reduce your filter runs and plug up your tape or hose, if your filters are not kept clean. Your filters will never be clean if you are always pumping funk into them. Our Water Treatment Advisors can create a maintenance program for you that will keep the funk, out of your filters and irrigation lines.

Potential Products

  • CalHypo Solution
  • PeraGreen 15
  • Drip Rite 4000
  • F-30
  • Copper Sulfate
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • SaniChlor
  • Enviro Klor