GreenLeaf Ag

Continuous Irrigation Water Treatment

Preventing plugging in irrigation lines is easier than unplugging them. All plugging problems can’t be remedied by the same product. Our Water Treatment Advisors are trained to select the best product to fix your potential water issue. Our Field Technicians will help you and your staff ensure enough product is being applied without being wasteful. Field reports are prepared by our Technicians, reviewed by our Water Treatment Advisors and shared with you. If you are someone that believes “hope” is not a plan let us create a continuous water treatment program for you.

Potential Products

  • Chlorine Gas
  • Accu-tab SI
  • CalHypo Solution
  • Peragreen 15%
  • Drip Rite 3000
  • Drip Rite 4000
  • Drip Rite 6000
  • F-30
  • InFuseO TM
  • Carus 8100
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • SaniChlor
  • Enviro Klor