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Water Treatment Advisor

Do you need a water treatment advisor?

Here are some questions to help decide if you would benefit from a meeting with a Water Treatment Advisor

  1. Are you using water from a surface source?
  2. Are you using water from a ground water source?
  3. Does your surface water ever look green?
  4. Is there slime inside your filters?
  5. Do your filters backwash more often than you think they should?
  6. Have you had to remove the inline screens from your tape or hose because they plug up?
  7. Do you see a chalky substance on your emitters or micro sprinklers?
  8. Are you growing fresh market produce

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions a conversation with a Water Treatment Advisor may be beneficial to you. There are many more possible reasons why a Water Treatment Advisor could bring value to you, we just didn’t want to overwhelm you with the list.

Conversations Are Free

Conversations with our Water Treatment Advisors are free. Initial water testing to see what is in your water is free. The increase in return from your crop by keeping your irrigation system clean and efficient could be substantial.

Call or e-mail today. You have nothing to lose and potential increase in yields and lower maintenance/replacement costs to gain.