GreenLeaf Ag

Remediation AKA Shock Treatment

Remediation is not our favorite thing to do but we are good at it. if you find your system plugged up we can help you.  After things are running smooth again lets prevent the problem rather than react to it.  Acres x Crop Value x Crop Yield – Inputs = Profit. If you don’t have a water treatment program you are gambling with “Crop Yield”, not giving the crop enough water will = lower yields. We suggest you gamble on your next trip to Vegas, not while you are trying to make a profit on your crop.

Potential Products

  • Accu-tab SI
  • CalHypo Solution
  • PeraGreen 15
  • Drip Rite 3000
  • Drip Rite 6000
  • InFuseO TM
  • Carus 8100
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • SaniChlor
  • Enviro Klor