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Located in California's abundant Central Valley, Green Leaf Ag provides innovative product solutions for             irrigation system maintenance. With over 50 years of collective experience, we provide growers                        with proven results.

About Chlorine Injection Systems

agricultureIrrigation systems can become partially or completely clogged from biofoul or biological growths of bacteria or algae that are often present in surface water and ground water. Bacteria and algae use chemical elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, or iron as nutrient sources to grow and develop.
The reason chlorine injection has become popular is due to its effectiveness against build-up in pipes, stand pipes, buried drip tape, above ground hose and other types of irrigation systems. Controlled chlorine injection saves the grower maintenance costs as well.
Green Leaf Ag has put the time in researching chlorine injection. They've learned from two decades of experience. Those days have paid off and when Erik and Tito Balling, father and son team and owners of Green Leaf Ag are speaking with growers, they make sure to cover all of the aspects of chlorine injection and why it is so important.

How Chlorine Injection Is Introduced

Often the irrigation system that delivers water to a crop is also the delivery system for fertilizers providing nutrients for the crop. Depending on the source of the water biological contaminates such as algae and slime can also benefit from the addition of fertilizer to an irrigation system. Irrigation system filters typically filter in the 200-250 micron level. Biological contaminates are often small enough to penetrate the filter media and make their way into the water delivery infrastructure. Filtration systems alone can't prevent blockage. A solid, well-made filtration system along with chlorine injection can safely prevent biofoul blockages. Green Leaf Ag's approach with California growers is the proven method of regularly introducing chlorine into an irrigation system to prevent biofouling from plugging up and irrigations system. Green Leaf Ag uses systems such as Accu-Tab to introduce solid forms of chlorine injection in a steady and easily predictable rate. See the Accu-Tab demo on how it works. Erik, Tito and their crew install sturdy systems to work in a custom fashion for each field. It's easy to streamline the chlorine injection into the grower's drip irrigation system through intake valves. The Accu-tab system will ensure that just enough chlorine is injected into the system to prevent plugging. If a system that has not been treated with chlorine becomes plugged the Accu-tab system has also be effective in helping to recover a system. Even though recovery is an option Green Leaf Ag believes in preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is a lot easier and less stressful for a grower than recovering a system with a crop in the ground.

Pro's of Chlorine Injection for Growers

Erik & Tito Balling will tell it to you straight. "It's simple to use, doesn't leak or cause spills and it's effective." Many California growers have tried other products and have suffered the consequences. Green Leaf Ag has been there to help recover plugged drip irrigation but the company prefers to help prevent plugging problems before they happen. The Balling’s are proud of their work and reputation. "I feel good when a customer recommends us to a neighbor or relative. That means we have taken care of them and they are not worried about having us make them look bad after they have recommend our company to someone else." For additional reading on chlorine injection and other related topics, visit The Cal Poly Irrigation and Training Research Center web site.