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Located in California's abundant Central Valley, Green Leaf Ag provides innovative product solutions for             irrigation system maintenance. With over 50 years of collective experience, we provide growers                        with proven results.

Drip Irrigation With Chlorine Treatment

agricultureErik & Tito Balling of Green Leaf Ag are experts in chlorine water treatment. Tito Balling installed his first chlorine gas injection system on a irrigation system over 20 years ago. His Son Erik started servicing and installing chlorine water treatment systems on summer vacation from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Since Erik joined the Company full time the pair has developed a reputation as the "Go-to guys" for chlorine injection and chlorine water treatment. Tito & Erik Balling have tried many systems and have found that chlorine water treatment is the most effective and cost worthy for farmers and growers. Calcium hypochlorite tablets, Accu-Tab SI, provides consistent predictable chlorine water treatment for irrigation systems. The Ballings have found the Accu-tab system to be low maintenance and user friendly. Site visits mainly consist of making small adjustments to the system and visiting with their longtime loyal customers.

Why Chlorine Water Treatment Works

"We provide user friendly reliable chlorine water treatment systems that are made to last," the Balling’s say. Green Leaf Ag looks at every product or service they sell from the consumer's point of view and that's why the family-run and owned business' approach is based in preventative maintenance rather than corrective maintenance. "We custom each grower's chlorine injection system so the chlorine water treatment system provides maximum daily efficiency. Government regulations and safety concerns scare some growers away from gas chlorine systems. It's difficult to control bleach dosages. The product degrades quickly in the summer and there are spill and transportation issues."

The chlorine water treatment systems the Ballings design stem from years of tried and true methods. Erik says that he never thought of himself as a salesman. "Nobody likes a pushy salesman. The last thing my Dad and I want to be is annoying when we meet a new grower. We have seen a lot of products fail. When we meet a new grower often the meeting is a result of a referral. After we explain our equipment, how our chlorine water treatment systems works and our philosophy most of the time we end up with the business. If a grower has five fields but only wants set up one the first season we don’t mind. We don't have to be a slick salesman to sell our chlorine water treatment method. We can't sell something we don't believe in; nor would we want to"

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