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Accu-Tab® System(s)

Contact Green Leaf Ag to schedule an appointment to discuss your water quality issues. Our knowledgeable sales staff will explain your options and together we will pick the product that will be the most effective for your system. Unlike a chemical warehouse or PCA, we specialize in irrigation water treatment. Take advantage of our specialized experience to make your irrigation system maintenance easy.

Accu-Tab® is a consistent product that has proven itself in the field time after time. It provides verifiable results while maximizing water use efficiency.

Using the Accu-Tab® System provides a simple, low-cost, low maintenance chlorination system that kills harmful bacteria in irrigation water while keeping lines free from algae, slime and root intrusion.

This flexible product can be injected at a low dose continuously or used for periodic shock treatments. When used in conjunction with Drip Rite 1000, Accu-tab SI can be used to recover plugged irrigation systems.

Factors Accu-Tab System Gas Bleach
Safety Easy to handle, no spills. Gas leak concerns Spill and leak concerns.
Charging Chemical Easy to add tablets, only one person needed Trained person needed, breathing protection required Hard to maneuver, heavy drums or a number of small carboys
Convenience 55-lb. pail of tablets is easy to handle Hard to maneuver cylinders, special handling training needed Bleach drums are awkward to handle
Maintains chlorine strength Small change over a year Consistently 100% Chlorine Significant loss in a week   (See PDF)
Chlorine residual control Consistent strength makes for easy, reliable control Consistent strength makes for easy, reliable control. Bleach degradation makes dosage control difficult
Auxiliary equipment No moving parts in chlorinator itself Eductors, regulators require annual maintenence. Metering pumps air lock and loose prime
Accu-Tab Tablets

The three-inch Accu-Tab SI (scale inhibitor) calcium hypochlorite tablets are specifically formulated to help prevent scale formation inside the chlorination chamber, especially in hard-water areas. Engineered to perform reliably and consistently, the tablets are pressed rather than formed, ensuring their physical integrity eliminating brittleness and extensive breakage.

Drip Rite

Products Description
Drip-Rite 1,000 Line flush for micro Irrigation systems. Initial step-clears emitters of plugs created by biological deposits.
Drip-Rite 2,500 Water treatment additive preventing unwanted deposits and minerals.
Drip-Rite 3,000 Preventative Maintenance- prevents minerals from forming deposits. Softens and removes hard deposits.
Drip-Rite 4,000 Engineered to prevent algae and bacteria growth.
Drip-Rite 6,000 Preventative Maintenance & Cleaner (Iron Deposits)
Yeoman™ Brand InFuseO™ Organic Drip Line Cleaner designed to keep drip irrigation tubes clean and free of mineral deposits all season long. OMRI certified.

Water-Soluble Polymers

Products Description
AgriGator© Soil Conditioner Stabilizes soil aggregates. AgriGator© is applied after the soil has been worked for planting. The product travels in the water through the solid and goes wherever the water goes.
AgriGator© PeneGator™ Improves water efficiency. Improves sub-surface soil structure, making it possible to fully achieve desired moisture levels while applying less irrigation water.
AgriGator© TerraGuard T40 Dust Control- Reduces the amount of water truck passes need to control dust on dirt roads. Product is in tablet form making it easy to add while filling the water truck. The agitation created while filling the tank dissolves and mixes the products in the tank. This product is NOT petroleum or salt based, making it safe for use around crops and live stock.

Accu-Tab tablets are NSF-listed along with the chlorinator and, when used together, maintain the limited warranty of the Accu-Tab system.

OMRIListed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.